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Web Camera
04.18.07 (2:47 am)   [edit]

Are you interested in wedding photographers? Then you must read my blog about a olympus camera. In the blog, I have articles about a wedding photographer, a camera bag, photographs, slr cameras, cameras, wedding photography, a nikon digital camera, and black and white photography.

So, if you are interested in a wireless camera or kodak cameras or a polaroid camera, you must head over to a casio camera.

On this blog, I list what I know about a 35mm camera, studio photography, photographs, photography, a olympus camera, a fuji camera, an underwater camera, and camera repair.

So, here is the a web camera blog again. Make sure to visit it.

Learn to Squidoo
02.09.07 (7:44 pm)   [edit]

Recently I saw one lovely website known as Squidoo. What you basically do is make a lens. On this lens, you can enter anything you like. You could for instance list all the pages of your adsense site.

Peek at some of the lovely lenses that I have set up: Truck Driving Jobs, Business Hints, Cichlids, Blog That Interviews Webmasters, Effective Communcation, Articles, Indian Foods, Gambling, Home Food.

This is a great way to get backlinks. For instance, you I find it lovely that Squidoo allows you to make money on your lenses. It places ads and other affiliate links on your page. If it makes any earning from your lenses, it shares a part of it with you. It is up to you whether you want to actually take the money home or give it away.

Did you enjoy my lenses? Here are some more: Home Remedies, Lose Weight by Walking, Dog Training, Buying Supplies, Pollution, Gears, Indian Explorers, Peak Seekers, Alternative Therapies.

My recommendation to you would be to use Squidoo efficiently. It is one thing to just set up a page and forget it forever. It is entirely another to create a prized page where you rank quite well and actually get traffic.

If you would like to look at some more lenses of mine, I do have some more: Grip, Stains, Biz Efficiency, Major Business, Newspapers, Code of Conduct, Brand Concepts, People Management.

I also believe that creating a Squidoo page solely for a link to your page is laborious. Instead you should try to get more out of the website. So, get with it and make the most of the opening. I would also recommend that you read what other people have to say about Squidoo. Wikipedia article on Squidoo.

Bloggers Rule the World
01.26.07 (9:03 pm)   [edit]
Isn't it amazing how TIME magazine named YOU as the person of the year?. Indeed blogs have become so well-accepted that one can no longer disregard them. Take for example all these friends I have who run their own blogs: Edwina, Eva, Gina, Glenn, Jane, Constantine, Temp, Steele, Abigail, DoGood, Coop, Bright. And then of course there are those who are running several services on their blogs. For instance: Directory Owners Interview Blog, Web sites review, Major blog, Tamale Pie. Clearly the epoch of the blogs is here.

The reason that TIME magazine selected YOU as the person of the year was because of the power of citizen journalism -- primarily driven by blogs. So, what are you stalling for? Go over to one of the free services like blogger or some other, or get your own word press blog.

What is very enchanting about the blogosphere is the way you can actually generate an avalanche of a response to your thoughts. Just be true to yourself and post something that you truly believe in. And quite literally, you are the master of the world.

Of course, if you are a techno-repelled person, you will face some initial hesitation in getting this entire process going. Not a problem, blogging technology is notoriously easy to use. In many senses it is an entry level content management system. Something like a CMS for the masses.

If you do not publish your own blog, then now is a good time to do so. Look at some of my other friends who run their own blogs: Joy Happy, Kendall Grundy, Madlaine Made, Maria Robins, Mike Horner, Tyran Mike, Noel Page, Ted Nestle, Terresa Hopkins, Zoe Martini, Ajeet Khurana, and get a good picture of what you could do.

Noni Juice
01.22.07 (5:42 am)   [edit]

There has been increased scientific interest in the Noni plant because of its recent popularity. Research is showing real health benefits in this Polynesian medicine plant. The juice of the plant is supposed to help fight an assortment of long term, chronic diseases and ailments. Many people swear by the benefits from the juice, others just find it easy to add it to their daily diet. Both scientists as well as consumers of noni juice agree to the fact that there really are health benefits to be gained from drinking noni juice once in a while. Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a pill that can cure every disease in the world. However, Hawaiian past has shown that using noni as a daily addition to your diet can prevent changes within your body that may eventually turn to chronic disease.

What are the specifc benefits to using noni juice?

Noni juice will help your natural immune system. The nutrients within the noni plant will stimulate your immune system and help ward off disease and other ailments. The noni plant has a lot of nutritional value. The Noni plant will help your digestive system. Some use noni juice as a laxative. Noni has a lot of anti oxidants. Research has proved that noni juice gives off better anti oxidants than pycnogenol and grape seed. The Noni juice has also been proven to relieve pain. Research shows that the Noni is able to relieve pain about as well as morphine sulphate, minus the bad side affects. Noni has special compounds such as tepenes, anthraquinones, and scopletin that give it antifungal, antibacterial, and antiparastic benefits. Noni is also anti inflammatory. You can easily compare Noni to most over the counter anti inflammatory drugs. Noni is also known to prevent tumors. Noni juice has noni ppt, which has proven to have anti tumor properties. In order to get the best results from Noni, you need to drink the best quality juice. The Noni must be grown in specific conditions, as well as processed in a certain way so that it retains all of its natural beneficial nutrients.

04.26.06 (3:39 am)   [edit]
Certainly there is a grave importance as well as a pleasant charm in the beginning of life. There is we as well as excitement in it when rightly viewed. The possibilities that lie in it of noble or ignoble work--of happy self-sacrifice or ruinous self-indulgence--the capacities in the right use of which it may rise to heights of beautiful virtue, in the abuse of which it may sink to the depths of debasing vice--make the crisis one of fear as well as of hope, of sadness as well as of joy.

Wonderful Poems
01.17.06 (10:26 pm)   [edit]
In everyone's life, there comes a times, when you feel like needing some help, some strength, some inspiration.

For those who find inspiration in poetry, pinkpoem is one unique site that offers inspirational poems. From positive attitude poems to one about religion and God .

Get ready to be inspired after reading these wonderful poems.

09.30.05 (8:49 pm)   [edit]
The independence of the individual in the face of his material and social environment makes itself more apparent with the progressive development of man.

Alternative Medicine
09.11.05 (8:30 pm)   [edit]

Would you like to learn about Alternative Medicine. Read the articles titled: Benefits of Yoga, Yoga Practice, Sun Salutation, Yoga Sun Salutation, Yoga Warm Up.

Baton Twirling
08.21.05 (6:02 pm)   [edit]
Does Baton Twirling sound too esoteric to you? Find out about everything about this esoteric sport by visiting a new Baton Twirling site I visited. Notably, read the articles on Baton Twirling Costumes, Twirling, Baton Twirling Associations, Baton Twirling Competition, Baton Twirling Tricks.

Human Resource Management
08.17.05 (11:45 pm)   [edit]
Simran Khurana, a professor of human resource managment has launched a site on Human Resource Management. I think it is a really great site. It combines academic concepts with practical insight. Some of my favorite articles were the ones on Effective Hiring Techniques, Training Programs: Why Training Fails, Making Way for a Positive Organization Culture, Sexual Harassment In The Workplace. And there are a bunch of other great articles too. A must read.


08.07.05 (9:57 pm)   [edit]

Wow! found some great sites which will be very
The Age of Big Business 

Business Hints For Men And Women
Effective Business Communication
Increasing Efficiency In Business

07.06.05 (12:32 am)   [edit]
"Give me liberty, or give me death!"

07.06.05 (12:23 am)   [edit]
Smile for the world smiles with you, Cry and you cry alone.